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We are building the future ..

TUNÇ YAPI, with our vast experience in the sector, acting as we heard yesterday, with respect to people and the environment, is bringing the future of today and tomorrow, our groundbreaking projects in the construction sector, we continue to build the future.

"Future" in its architecture developed on the idea, as well as investment value is always superior to our people and our country with new life and business "in the right area of the project" We are trying to produce.
We have passion in our work on this understanding, the modern way of life for our people, our city and our country, and our world. 
A success story ...

TUNÇ YAPI, different and off line projects with added value to Turkey's economy is performing with the mission to change the structure of our city concept provides added value in the life of our people.
Tunç Yapi, structure, aesthetics, sturdiness and their habitat will create a movement from concept which has became the model of a company taken today. The city a new identity, a new city skyline ...

Projects listed in the nature of work changes the skyline of the city and region symbol moves with the idea. Tunç Yapi is working in Kayseri-Melikgazi area. “SMILING HOUSES” was our first project that we started. With this unique work style TUNÇ PARK project was folded into a new understanding.

Our company, as well as investments in the construction sector in Turkey has close to 20 years in France engages in the construction and contracting activities within the group.

At the same time, our company with construction materials Menuiserie Turquoise name, the house has a brand with showrooms on the concepts, particularly in France, carries out its activities in Germany and Austria.

Situated need the “T-Concept” brand in the Company carries out its activities in the domestic and foreign markets with modern lines in the furniture industry.